A Bit About Me...

Dustin with his dog, Chipper and Caya

I'm Dustin Glowacki. My love for woodworking started with doing projects around our house like rebuilding our deck for my girlfriend's birthday, which I really enjoyed. I then made other furniture pieces for my home and even gifted some cutting boards to friends and family, who loved them. Family, friends, and loved ones then encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business because they saw the high-quality work. That’s how Glow’s Custom Woodworking was born — where I tie craftsmanship and passion together.

I have two loving dogs, Caya and Chipper. Caya is a 3 year old big and gentle mix of a Great Dane and Mastiff. She loves walks and being with me while I work! Chipper is a loyal 9 year old Chocolate Lab who loves to eat anything in sight. They both assist me in the shop on my projects!

Dustin in Army attire

I also served in the U.S. Army, including a deployment in Afghanistan. That time taught me priceless life lessons - to be disciplined, resilient, and pay careful attention to every detail. Those skills shaped how I approach my work and the level of energy I bring to each and every project.

I'm born and raised in St. Petersburg, and I love being part of this community. I'm honored to serve the people of Tampa Bay with my craft. Each piece I make is done with care, adding warmth and personality to your home, and in turn, giving back to the community which I care so much about.

My Woodworking Philosophy

Woodworking means a lot to me; it's not just a craft, it's a big part of my life. I put all of my energy and effort into every single thing I make. My way of working is based on several important principles:

Attention To Detail

From the precision of every cut to detailed hand-carved designs, I ensure that each piece is thoughtfully crafted.

Quality Materials

I take great pride in sourcing the finest woods, chosen for their unique grain patterns and durability.


I collaborate closely with each client, listening to their ideas and preferences, and infusing their personality into the design.

Embracing Creativity

While I respect traditional techniques, I also enjoy pushing boundaries and exploring innovative approaches to design.


While my pieces are visually attractive, I ensure that my creations seamlessly blend looks with practicality.

Continual Growth

I stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the industry, pushing myself to elevate the standard of my work.